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Brighton Toyota Proudly Supports National Tree Day

Since 2003 Brighton Toyota has been actively involved in Nation Tree Day with local schools.

Hopefully the children we reach will have an even stronger appreciation for our precious Planet and a study recently published by Planet Ark has revealed the following.

The report titled Needing Trees - The Nature of Happiness, found:

Children who engage in just one third more outdoor activities than their peers grow up to be happier adults.
Nature has the ability to influence happiness because it has direct and positive effects on the brain and the body’s hormone response to stress.
Exposing children to environments that reduce stress and increase wellbeing has long-term effects on the structure of the brain and happiness later in life.
Three out of four adults played outdoors more often than indoors when they were young, compared to only one in ten children today.
Over the space of a single generation Australians have disconnected from nature, while at the same time there has been a rapid increase in levels of stress and depression, with depression-associated disability costing the Australian economy $14.9 billion a year.

So there are so many reasons for us to get behind this great event year after year.


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